A tool for categorizing and exploring genomic neighborhoods in a sequence-independent way. Includes additional tools for provisional identification of hypothetical protein families, data input from GenBank and IMG formats, and generation of vector figures for genomic neighborhood visualization. Set up as an R package, publicly available on GitHub. Questions, feedback and contributions are very welcome - it's under active development!

magSearch and magQuant

Tools for looking for representatives of an enzyme family in metagenomic and metatranscriptomic datasets, quantifying them, and preparing hits on large enough contigs for exploration via prettyClusters. Derived from approaches developed in the Balskus group. Currently a (private) set of cluster-specific shell scripts on GitHub; updates expected summer 2023.


A set of basic R scripts for automatic processing of files for FPLC, LC, LC-MS, and UV-vis chromatograms and spectra. Currently still a private R package on GitHub - under (re)development to accommodate current formats for Agilent Cary UV-vis and Cytiva Äkta datafiles.