Lab: The lab will be located on the 6th floor of the Chevron Science Center Annex.

Office: The office will be located in the same building.

Shipping: A shipping address is not yet available.


Email: g {dot} kenney {at} pitt {dot} edu

Phone: A office number is not yet available; email is preferred.

joining the group

The lab will be opening in January 2024 and will be hiring at all levels! Detailed notices to come. Potential lab members from all backgrounds, identities, and lived experiences are welcome - as long as they are interested in exploring new microbial chemistry, of course!

Undergraduates: Please email Dr. Kenney with a brief cover letter discussing your interest in a research experience along with your CV. Prior research experience is not required. Students considering summer research are encouraged to apply to summer funding opportunities with Dr. Kenney's help, and eligible students from other universities can also consider Pitt's SURF program. During the academic year, students can consider taking CHEM 1710 for research credit, and work-study positions may sometimes be available.

Research Technicians: Please email Dr. Kenney with your CV, a cover letter describing your previous research experiences and goals for this position, and contact information for two letters of reference. You should plan on having completed your bachelor's degree in biology or chemistry before your projected start date, and you should be ready to discuss your past lab experience in those areas. This position may be formally posted in Fall 2023.

Post-Baccalaureate Researchers: If you are interested in funded post-baccalaureate research, you can consider applying to the Hot Metal Bridge program.

Graduate Students: Please apply to the Pitt Chemistry graduate program; students are not admitted directly to labs. Additional programs at Pitt or joint Pitt/CMU programs may be options in future application cycles. Admitted students (potentially including students in other Pitt or Pitt/CMU programs relating to computational biology, chemical biology, and microbiology) should email Dr. Kenney to discuss possible rotation timing and projects.

Postdoctoral Researchers: Please contact Dr. Kenney via email, including a brief cover letter, a 1-2 page narrative summary of your research contributions to date and your scientific and professional goals for a postdoctoral research position in this lab, a CV (including preprints and works in review), and contact information for three letters of reference.