• a photo of dr. g. e. kenney in a blue lab coat working in a glovebox a photo of dr. g. e. kenney sitting inside a glovebox in a cold room and lifting a piece of equipment into place.
  • Grace E. Kenney, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor of Chemistry

    g {dot} kenney {at} pitt {dot} edu CV

    S.B. in Chemistry @ MIT
    Ph.D. in Biological Sciences @ Northwestern with Dr. Amy Rosenzweig
    Postdoctoral Fellow @ Harvard with Dr. Emily Balskus


Until January 2024, Dr. Kenney will remain a research associate in the laboratory of Prof. Emily Balskus in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Harvard University. Dr. Kenney earned an S.B. in Chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, after studying the chemotherapeutic natural product bleomycin in the laboratory of Prof. JoAnne Stubbe. As a graduate student, Dr. Kenney joined the laboratory of Prof. Amy Rosenzweig at Northwestern University, investigating the production and biological roles of copper-binding natural products, ultimately receiving a Ph.D. in Biological Sciences. Support for this research came from several sources, including an American Heart Association Predoctoral Fellowship and a Northwestern University Presidential Fellowship. Dr. Kenney’s postdoctoral work in the Balskus group has focused on new enzyme families that form nitrogen-nitrogen bonds in diverse natural products; as a postdoctoral researcher, Dr. Kenney has been a Merck Fellow of the Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation.

When not puzzling over poorly-understood enzymes, Dr. Kenney can sporadically be found at experimental and noise rock concerts, playing the fiddle, painting, or sitting down to relax with a good book and a local beer.